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OpenPunk's Ansible playbook

This is my failsafe (and also my helpful migration tool) for restoring the OpenPunk server. This handles setting everything back up, including:

  • gitea
    • backup and restoring are also supported
  • blog
  • tor mirror
  • nginx (for the above mentioned)
    • certbot's Let's Encrypt
  • my shell theme (zsh + powerlevel10k)
  • deadswitch (& the ssh + git config to allow pushes)

This playbook assumes the target VPS is running the latest debian stable release.

Notes to my future self

Add this to your local machine's crontab:

ssh openpunk 'touch /root/.deadtrigger'

Some DNS records also need to be set:

  • an A record with a git.* subdomain


ansible-playbook -i hosts --ask-vault-pass run.yml

NOTE: The 'secrets' directory has been omitted from this repo (so it's not going to run without the provided files)

Backup and restore

Backup Gitea using the 'backup' tag

ansible-playbook -i hosts run.yml --tags backup

then, restore from the backup using the 'restore' tag

ansible-playbook -i hosts run.yml --tags restore

Example hosts file

openpunk-vps ansible_host= ansible_user=root ansible_connection=ssh