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Screaming Bridge 2021-01-18 CPunch [graffiti abandoned] 1630 Greenbelt Rd, Arlington, TX 76012, USA false

{{< img from-gate.jpg "900x q70" "From the entrance" >}}

Some locals call this 'screaming bridge', an urban legend from 1978 about four tragic deaths involving a burned down bridge and four Arlington High School football players failing to see the bridge was out before falling into the river below

{{< img gir.jpg "900x q70" "Bridge with graffiti of Gir" >}}

'It's not your fault, we love you'

{{< img fall.jpg "900x q70" "A steep drop from the opposite side of the bridge where the road caved in" >}}

This picture doesn't quite do it justice, mostly because I didn't want to lean over to get a better shot LOL

{{< img river.jpg "900x q70" "Overlooking the bridge with a murky river below" >}}

The bridge crosses over the Trinity River... well, used to since you can't actually cross over now

{{< img ghost.jpg "900x q70" "A halloween ghost decoration was fitted to the outside gate of the bridge" >}}