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title: "Burnout, self-care and being productive"
date: 2022-01-10
author: CPunch
tags: ["opinion"]
While I will be talking specifically about software development, the methods and self-care from my experiences should be fairly universal especially if you're working for yourself. I've been programming since I was 11 years old, my first language was Lua. Since I started at a relatively young age it was never 'work' for me, It was more like a fun hobby with which I could express myself and create things (mostly games).
> I got super into admin commands when I was 13 though, ignore the repeated table index. I was 13...
I never forced myself to 'work' really, it was just something I really enjoyed doing. It ended up becoming a daily thing where after school I would blow off my homework (to my mother's dismay) and spend hours making various games and scripts. This naturally become a problem when in late highschool I began to hate working on projects, jumping from project to project and never finishing anything. This eventually forced me to become a bit more organized in how I be productive.
So, here's some tips I've found that were helpful for staying productive and not resenting your projects in no particular order.
## Plan it out
Seriously, write down what you hope to accomplish today. Make sure to be realistic in what you have time for, if your goal is to 'write a compiler' break it down into small steps. For that day, you could say your goal is to 'start tokenizer, implement basic tokens.' For an example, this is my day's plan:
- Finish burnout journal entry
- Implement basic constant support for pyuxncle
- Call Cameron and ask about his day
It's also nice to have some non-work related goals, like calling a friend or your significant other. This keeps you not entirely work-focused.
## Don't overwork!
If your plan is to do something small on a project, don't work past that point! This keeps your mind focused on finishing the task you had planed and keeps you interested in your project! Overworking on a project has lead me to burnout countless times. If you keep a small steady pace, you will keep your enjoyment on the project for much longer.
## Take breaks
If you're stumped when trying to plan out your day, take a break! It is completely fine to be unproductive! If you've found that you're no longer motivated to work on your project, find another way to have a feeling of accomplishment for that day. Take a walk, read a book at a coffee shop, go hang with friends, anything you feel that would make you feel fulfilled for the day.
Of course, these tips may not help if you're a wageslave and your job is to write code. But these are self-learned lessons that have helped me, and no one's situation is the same. Find what works for you and stick with it. Having a routine is probably the most important part.