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@ -17,11 +17,11 @@ Welcome to my tomb of software! I'm CPunch, I [write software](/software) (for y
Some all-encompassing highlights:
- [git.openpunk.com](https://git.openpunk.com) - my self-hosted Gitea instance, most of my projects are mirrored here.
- [OpenFusion](https://github.com/OpenFusionProject/OpenFusion) - FusionFall server emulator, relevant [post](/pages/fusionfall-openfusion/)
- [Laika](https://github.com/CPunch/Laika) - Tiny malware written in modern C to help you grow as a reverse engineer, relevant [post](/pages/obfuscation-in-c/)
- [Cosmo](https://github.com/CPunch/Cosmo) - Tiny scripting language, relevant [post](/pages/cosmo-workflow/)
- [Lua VM Manipulation](https://github.com/CPunch/LUA_VM_EXAMPLE) - Manipulating embedded Lua VMs, relevant [post](/pages/manipulating-lua-vms-1/)
- [GameBot](https://github.com/CPunch/Gamebot) - Discord Bot that plays gameboy games :)
- [C8](https://github.com/CPunch/c8) - Tiny chip 8 emulator written in C89
- [FoxNet](https://github.com/CPunch/FoxNet) - Lightweight C++ networking library
Checkout my [blog](/pages) where I write about my projects mostly, also checkout my [journal](/journal) where I write about things not necessarily software related :D
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