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This is my failsafe (and also my helpful migration tool) for restoring the OpenPunk server. This handles setting everything back up, including:
- gitea
- sadly, no db migration is supported right now. maybe a future todo?
- backup and restoring are also supported
- blog
- cron job for grabbing the `HEAD` of https://github.com/CPunch/openpunk && building the hugo site
- tor mirror
@ -30,6 +30,18 @@ ansible-playbook -i hosts --ask-vault-pass run.yml
> NOTE: The 'secrets' directory has been omitted from this repo (so it's not going to run without the provided files)
## Backup and restore
Backup Gitea using the 'backup' tag
ansible-playbook -i hosts run.yml --tags backup
then, restore from the backup using the 'restore' tag
ansible-playbook -i hosts run.yml --tags restore
## Example hosts file