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@ -22,10 +22,6 @@ Some notable features thus far:
- [X] Setting keypairs (`-DLAIKA_PUBKEY=? -DLAIKA_PRIVKEY=?`, etc.)
- [ ] Obfuscation modes
## Why?
I started this project to practice my systems programming skills, specifically networking related things. The networking code in this project (under `/lib`) is probably what I'm most proud of in this project. After that I started trying to learn some common obfuscation methods I've seen used in the wild. I've used this project mostly to improve my skills of managing a 'larger' project. Things relating to having a consistent code style, documenting features and development tasks are really important skills to have when managing a codebase like this.
## How do I use this?
Please refer to the [Wiki](https://github.com/CPunch/Laika/wiki) for any questions relating to deployment, compilation & setup.