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Some notable features thus far:
- [X] Lightweight, the bot alone is 183kb (`MinSizeRel`) and uses very little resources minimizing Laika's footprint.
- [X] Authentication & packet encryption using LibSodium and a predetermined public CNC key. (generated with `bin/genKey`)
- [X] Server and Shell configuration through `.ini` files.
- [X] Ability to open shells remotely on the victim's machine.
- [X] CNC and Shell configuration through `.ini` files.
- [X] Open shells remotely on the victim machine.
- [X] Persistence across reboot: (toggled with `-DLAIKA_PERSISTENCE=On`)
- [X] Persistence via Cron on Linux-based systems.
- [X] Persistence via Windows Registry.
- [X] Uses obfuscation techniques also seen in the wild (string obfuscation, tiny VMs executing sensitive operations, etc.)
- [ ] Simple configuration using CMake:
- [X] Setting keypairs (`-DLAIKA_PUBKEY=? -DLAIKA_PRIVKEY=?`, etc.)
- [ ] Obfuscation modes
- [X] Setting keypairs (`-DLAIKA_CNC_IP=? -DLAIKA_CNC_PORT=?`, etc.)
- [X] Enabling/Disabling Obfuscation (`-DLAIKA_OBFUSCATE=On`)
- [ ] Obfuscation modes
## How do I use this?